A World Without Lions.

It has always been my dream to travel the world and meet people. I grew up in London, went to college in California, even studied abroad in Berlin for four months. Being in Johannesburg around this team has blown my lens out of focus.

It is beyond incredible to see people come together from London, Paris, Luxembourg, the United States, Canada and South Africa to work together on this vision … and that’s just the first group to come out here. I can’t wait to follow this project to many countries and find connections with characters everywhere.

I have the unique opportunity to work on many of my passions: media, fashion, music, technology, while exploring my spirituality and being surrounded by the most exciting young minds on the planet. 

It really is the start of something much bigger and necessary for our Earth. I’m ready to build AWAKE’s youth movement everywhere. Literally, everywhere. It’s time to save the lions!

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